The mindful movement method (mmm...) is the evolution of my teaching; bringing tried and true exercise protocols taken from yoga, pilates, fitness, physiotherapy and dance movement therapy together in a customized program that focuses on mindfulness as the key element in changing the body's response to pain and lack of joint mobility. This can be done in small group sessions or privately. Contact me for more information.


SomaShakti Ecstatic Dance


SomaShakti is the name I have given my version of this ecstatic movement meditation. Somatic movement gives way to Shakti—the creative principal—in this free flowing experience based on the teaching of Tantra and my teachers Gabrielle Roth, Shiva Rea and Daniel Odier.  I create a safe container to so you can let loose and explore. The music takes you on a journey to ecstasy and allows you to gently land in deep meditation. Events to be announced (see upcoming events) or book me!