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New Workshop!

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This 8 week workshop series is designed to tap into our innate creativity as we journey together through our seven spiritual centres, known as the chakras. 

Through the use of sound, colour and breath work adapted from yoga, meditation, deep introspection and journalling, we tap into our internal wisdom. 

Our art making practice throughout the sessions can be, but not limited to, collage, scrapbooking, painting, drawing, poetry or prose or anything else that calls out for expression. In eighth session, we integrate what we have discovered.

8 Wednesdays, October 11 to November 29, 2023

10- 12pm Gan Arts Network Studio 

167 King Street East, Gananoque

Self-investment: $200 payable when you register        Payment by e-transfer or credit card over the phone.

Bring a friend and get 10% off

Bring your journal and/or sketchbook and any other supplies you like to play with (art materials supplied)

Level: All adult human beings looking to become more creative!

Gentle Fusion
Flow Yoga

Soma fusion flow is a gentle, flowing yoga practice. I have developed this practice to incorporate balance, somatic movement, strength and breath work based on my  lifelong studies in fitness, rehabilitation, somatic and of course, yoga.

Drop-ins are available

Classes at Homebody Wellness

Friday, 9:30 am

book online

Su Halle is a certified yoga teacher with well over 500 hours of study and 22 years of teaching experience. She has taught in studios, community centers, and rehabilitation programs.   

I am available for small groups and private home sessions in and around the Gananoque 1000 Islands area. Contact me for more details.

Sound Baths and Gallery Openings
Contact me for information and Bookings

What is a Sound Bath?

A meditative practice, a sound bath promotes physical and mental well-being through sound waves. Before we begin, we work with intention setting and progressive relaxation techniques. During a sound bath session, participants lay on their backs as I play resonant instruments like crystal singing bowls, metal Tibetan singing bowls and chimes. As overlapping sounds fill the room, you enter a relaxed state that can result in health benefits like reduced blood pressure, stress reduction and improved mental health.


Sound healing is an ancient practice for mindfulness and stress relief. For thousands of years, practitioners have believed that certain sound waves can clear negative energy in your body, which provides the mental clarity necessary for physical and mental healing. 

I am available to provide a gentle yoga practice before the meditation session, or a stand alone sound bath. Contact me for more details.

sound bath

Performance collaboration with installation of artist Leisa Rich at MAK Gallery, Gananoque, June 2022

Not Just for Yoga!

Over the years, I have been approached to provide background music for gallery openings and events.

The Crystal bowls provide an ambient soundscape that can enhance the experience of viewing art in a gallery setting.

Contact me for more details!

Leisa Rich Art Installation

Immersive installation by Leisa Rich

Melt Gallery Prince Edward County, Ontario

June 2023

Sound Bath in Island Yurt

Sound Bath and Gentle Yoga at Howe Island Yurt

August 2023

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