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Finding Flow Life Coaching

Discover the answers that lie within

Coaching is not therapy. I do not pretend I can solve your problems, and while there are many instances where a coach can help, if your are dealing with deep emotional and/ or psychological issues, please seek the help of a trained psychotherapist.

But if you are unable to find success, life balance or a future vision for your life, I may be able to help. Through coaching conversations, exercises, investigations and gentle guidance, I can help you find the answers that lie within. My work focuses on weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise, relationships, and work/life balance.

My training was based on a system called Co-Active Coaching. I am also trained as a NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. But the truth of the matter is that my life has proven to be the the best training program around. To be a good coach, one must have strong listening skills and a deep sense of compassion for the human condition, and we usually get that by being bounced around ourselves! 


Self- investment:

30 minute consultation is free

60 minute session $60, minimum 8 sessions

Packages are available 

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