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Footloose &Clutter Free

Loose the clutter, set your spirit free

Too Much Stuff?  Ya, most of us have it.  Some of it is the result of downsizing and sometimes its our attachment to things that we feel we can't get rid of for one reason or another.

Clutter brings us down. Clutter can destroy our spirit and can be an impediment in having our lives move forward. There is significant research to indicate that there is a relationship between mindless clutter and eating habits. 

I started working with people to help them de-clutter when a friend asked me to help their mother. Not only did I enjoy the break from my other work, I found that it was very much in line with the work I do as a coach. Because at the end of the day, the conversations that we have during the process of going through all that stuff are in fact, coaching conversations. And sometimes we just need a hand to hold as we go through all that stuff.

If you are having trouble getting through the clutter, let me help!

Self- investment:

30 minute consultation is free

$30/hour, minimum 3 hours 

(Travel time may be additional)

Packages are available 

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