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Integrative Yoga Therapy

One-on-one yoga designed just for you

Healing the body and spirit through yoga is a deeply rewarding practice of self-discovery.  Let me help guide you there with the practice of Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT).


Integrative Yoga Therapy was designed by Joseph and Lilian Lepage. This powerful combination of carefully designed and sequenced yoga asana and somatic exercises along with meditation, mudra and mantra is a proven program for wellness, healing and transformation. IYT uses a wide range of assessment tools and techniques that help balance the physical, energetic, psychoemotional, intuitive and spiritual levels. Recently, IYT has been incorporated into the world-renowned Kripalu Center as their therapeutic yoga program.


No two bodies are alike. Everything that has happened in our lives lead us up to the place we are now. By focusing on the inner journey through these unique programs, we can make the changes necessary to manage pain and stress, have more energy and  live our lives more fully!

Self- investment:

30 minute consultation is free

60 minute session $60, minimum 3 sessions

Packages are available 

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