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A practical pivot in a perplexing pandemic

Hello there, it's been years, hasn't it? Why now, Su? Didn't you give up on shameless promotion and just live your life? Well ya, I did... and it was going pretty well. Moved to a cute town, got a fun, creative job with a great group of women at a flower shop, was doing some great little art fairs and was planning the second edition of the Gan Steampunk Festival.Then the dreaded pandemic hit and as we know, we are all trying to adapt to the new normal. Sadly, our little flower shop could not support all of us (for now only, I hope). While some of the fall fairs are starting up again, I am not yet comfortable with vending... all that touchy, feely stuff that goes on around cashmere sweaters, trying things on and off... it doesn't feel safe quite yet! So as fall approaches and CERB runs out, I am back at the hustle. Well sort of. My website has been evolving for years as I add and subtract things from my repertoire of skills. Looking for consistency... hmm... I will always love design. Most recently, I created the branding and logo for our little Steampunk Festival, and it got the juices flowing again. I would like to get back to work with small projects, primarily print work and installations (signage etc). I have updated my site to show some of the projects, past and present. Friends have been admiring my interior design lately, and I'd love to dip my toes in that.. who knows? So as we all pivot to finding new ways to work and live in these time, I invite you to consider my experience and expertise if you have a design project in mind, and pass the word around. And most importantly, stay safe and help each other!


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