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Upcycled Sweater
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I have made art since I was a child, and was fortunate to have parents who nurtured my creativity. From my beginnings, doing landscapes for my aunts and uncles, to my op art phase in high school through to my career as a graphic designer and art director, there has always

been a paint brush or drawing tool in hand!

I graduated high school with a small art scholarship which convinced my Dad that it would be okay to go into the arts. I studied Graphic Design at Dawson College and Marketing and Public Relations at McGill University in Montreal. After a few years working in advertising agencies, I got the opportunity to open my own shop after winning a huge contract with The Royal Bank of Canada. I was honoured to win awards from Graphisme Quebec and The Art Directors Club of Toronto and had an album cover featured in Roger Dean's Album Cover Art book, which at the time seemed the coolest thing!

My life journey took away from that world after a devastating loss, and led me on me on a spiritual quest into the world of yoga, shamanism and visionary art, studying and painting with Alex & Alison Grey and Martina Hoffman & Robert Venosa. There has never been a time when I haven't made art, but it's only recently that I have focused on painting and art making with an eye on professional success.

My second act, if you will, was to turn my passion for movement into a career. I began working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor then gravitated towards yoga and mindful movement. I studied with some of the world's top yoga teachers and movement specialists and healed a long- standing back problem in the process. As it is such an important part of my life today, I am still interested in working with small groups of older adults, focusing on pain management and quality of life and developing my unique style of wellness protocols.

Full disclosure; I love clothes! Triptastica EcoCouture was born out of my passion for fabulous fabrics and funky fashion. I am inspired by music festival culture and all the colourful people who are attracted to it.  I create patchwork sweater coats in the genre of Katwise, as well as hand paint and embellish jackets and other items. Like all fashion, it is always evolving!

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