Hello and welcome to my site. It is an ever-evolving project, just as am I! The big news is this site is now a place where you can shop for my art and in the near future, I will have my upcycled clothing available for purchase on this site as well. 

I have made art since I was a child, and was fortunate to have parents who nurtured my talent. From my beginnings doing landscapes for my aunts and uncles, to my op art phase in high school through to my career as a graphic designer and art director, there has always been a paint brush or drawing tool in hand! My life journey took me on a spiritual quest into the world of visionary art, studying with Alex & Alison Grey and Martina Hoffman & Robert Venosa, all incredibly talented figurative artists. It took me a while to recognize that as much as I love this style of art, I prefer drawing on the raw emotion of abstract and non-representational art. Which lands me here now. I believe in the power of art making as a way of learning about oneself and the world around me. Each piece I make is a way of sharing the wisdom I have taken from my journeys, my dreams and visions and the emotional landscapes that I travel and experience.

Oh... and a bit about Triptastica EcoCouture. I love music festival culture and all the colourful people who are attracted to it. Times were lean, so one day I was inspired to make some funky clothing for myself. Fast forward to 8 years later and I still make and sell these creations at art fairs and festivals as well as on Etsy. Eventually, I will have these creations on this site, right now there are links to my Etsy shop or feel free to get in touch.

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