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Me, Mom and the Leopard Connection

Yes, Its Throwback Thursday... and Mother's Day is approaching, so I thought I'd tell a little story about my love for leopard print. It all started with this little outfit my Mom made me for a costume parade, way back when. I was dressed up as Pebbles from The Flintstones. I don't know if I asked her to make this costume or this was something she cooked up, but it began a lifetime love of leopard print. I recently dug this picture out of a box and hung it up in one of the few available wall spaces in my home... right above my sewing machine. Then, as I was sewing away the other day, I looked up at the pic and realized that this photo depicts a pivotal moment. There I was, in one of my first costumes, hand-crafted by mom, ready to party. Not much has changed in all those years!

I love making and wearing costumes and leopard will always have a place in my wardrobe... and my heart. Last summer I hosted a Leo Leopard party, celebrating both mine and two of my girlfriends birthdays... and the theme was Leopard and Afros. You can see what fun we had in the pic below, and the crazy part is most of the leopard clothing that is being worn is mine... crazy leopard lady indeed!

What I really wanted to share with you was a moment of gratitude for my Mom, who taught me how to sew, who would whip up an outfit for me the night before a school dance, and who has always supported me in being an artist. Happy Mother's Day Mom, Love ya!

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