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Dance your way through!

Dance as meditation

I love to dance, probably more than anything else in life! Dance has given me much more than joy, though. It has set my head straight, it has been my go-to place when I am sad, confused. It has provided me with my center.

But lately it has been sadly missing. My knees are not what they used to be. The opportunities to find a space to share my love of dance in my small town are limited. And frankly, I have been in a bit of a funk lately.

But today I danced.

What a difference it has made in my day!

What a way to start a Monday morning that began with that odd mixture of dread and possibilities! As an entrepreneur, that can be a pretty common mixture.

Today I danced.

I got off that stuffy old meditation cushion, cranked up some yummy psytrance,, and rocked around the room for ten minutes.

Yep, just 10 minutes; easy on the knees. Prayers were said, gratitude flowed, a meditative calmness came over me.

And the day has improved immeasurably.

I highly suggest it.

Maybe as a substitution for that meditation or yoga practice that has lost its juice, or maybe as an add-on at the end. Maybe as a way to release some deeply held tensions in your body, and maybe you will end up in a heap on the floor in tears. Whatever happens you will feel that the energy has moved.

Today the dance reminded me of this blog, this website that been all but forgotten.

So I begin again, happy to be back in the blogsphere.

Hello Grooving Goddesses, Lets Dance!

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