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"Let Go or be Dragged" -zen proverb

This phrase is so potent. I try to recall it every time I find myself hanging on to something, whether it be an idea, an emotional response to a problem or a pile of clutter.

So many of us start off the New Year with a host of resolutions. Some of them are clearly defined, realistic goals that can help us move forward in our life. Other are, well, not so much.

I am using this proverb a lot lately as I am in the

process of redefining what I want for the year ahead.

I want to let go of the inner dialogue that tells me I am not good enough.

I want to let go of the person I was at 20, at 30 at 40.

I want to let go of the ideas that I should look a certain way, act a certain way, be a certain way.

And I am starting by digging into the drawers and closets and cupboards and bookshelves. Getting rid of the unnecessary, the out-grown, the unloved things that lurk in my home. Call it an urge to purge. And it feels so good!

A few years ago a dear friend gave me a book called Clutter Busting by Brooks Palmer. At the time I was mildly insulted. Who me? I am not a hoarder!

Recently, it jumped out of my overcrowded bookcase, and I dug into the pages, only to be completely transformed by his words.

And as life and synchronicities would have it, I was recently asked to help out a friend’s mom, in her quest to clear out some clutter. As I was looking for new opportunities, I said yes, and I have to say, it has led me on a journey of self-discovery. After each session with her, I returned home wanting to tackle my own stuff. I also discovered how much I enjoy the process of working with someone to get out of their mess!

Palmer says in his book that clutter is a barrier to good, powerful and necessary change. That it zaps our energy, and can exert a social, emotional and financial toll on our lives. I am finally beginning to see that.

As a wellness coach, I see how folks (including myself) get stuck in old patterns, wanting change, yet running up against the same old walls that hold them back.

Starting with the most tangible, the stuff that is quite literally in the way, is a brilliant way to move forward. It can make all the difference!

So I am putting it out there, defining and nicheing my coaching business to help others have the same AH HA moments that I have discovered for myself.

(teaser alert: new website is coming!)

Let go, let go, LET GO!


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