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Sweet Surrender

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. The Hallmark holiday that has the potential to wreak havoc on your life if you are single. Personally, I have never been very fond of it, no matter what was happening in my life. As a child, it felt like a popularity contest; I learned early that getting the most valentines was some measure of my worth. And there was always someone who had way more than me.

As I got older, the special day for lovers put pressure on relationships to do something special, and when I was single, I spent the day feeling alone and worthless.

If we are to spend anytime thinking about it, we can see it’s just a marketing opportunity. A chance to get people into restaurants and buy things in the dead of winter, one of the slowest times of the year.

Rant Over.

If we want to talk about love, let’s shift the conversation to self-love. We can take this day (or any other day for that matter) to practice self-care. We can look at how we are taking care of our body, mind and spirit. Mid- February is about the time when New Year’s resolutions start to fade. Perhaps our Valentine’s day gift to ourselves can be taking the time to re-evaluate those resolutions. Perhaps they weren’t realistic enough. Or they weren’t what we truly wanted for ourselves, we were simply following the pack (after all everyone want to get in better shape, meditate more, clear all their clutter etc, etc… or do we?).

So whether you are single or in a relationship, may I suggest taking a little time out for yourself. Give yourself a big hug. You are alive, you are are filled with potential and have more than enough love to share.

And to all you single ladies out there, who are doing everything to get in a relationship, I would love to say to you, just relax. I spent twelve years praying for that special person to come into my life. And I remember the night I gave up, I really did. The next day, and I am not kidding, I met the love of my life. It did happen.

And so far neither of us has uttered a word about Valentine’s Day. Seems so unnecessary when we celebrate our love every single day!

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